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Information Your Lawyer Needs For New Cases/Clients

Case Intake Information You Provide Your Attorney

When taking in a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation case, I find that it is very important to get as much information up front as possible which will help in the management of the case for its duration.  Little things such as a social security number, spouses name will come into play especially when it comes time for settlement as all insurance companies require these pieces of information before releasing a settlement check.

Traffic Tickets: To do, and not to do.

What you need to know about traffic violations.

  • 12 July 2016
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1561
If you get pulled over for speeding or for any other moving violation, and are given a ticket, what should you do? Many people think that they should just pay the ticket and send it in. This is not your best move. If you do that, the ticket goes on your record as a conviction. What does this mean?

Aftermath of a Personal Injury Case

  • 11 July 2016
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1338
It is very important that all personal injury attorneys dot I’s and cross T’s for so many different reasons. Just yesterday, I received a call on a case that was settled and closed almost a year ago from a doctor's office claiming that they were still owed a balance of over $7,000.00 on their $11,000.00!

New Cases: To take, or not to take?

That is the question.

  • 7 June 2016
  • Author: Anonym
  • Number of views: 1616
As a rule of thumb, I do not like to turn away new clients. However, having said that, sometimes it is a better business decision to turn down a lousy new case rather than to take it.

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