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Taxicab Accidents

Many people will tell you that taxicab drivers are not good drivers thus leading to increased number of taxicab accidents. I am here to tell you that this is not entirely true. The reality of it is this: most taxicab drivers drive a 12 hour shift which means that they are on the road close to 12 hours per day. The average person who owns a car is probably on the road 3 hours or less per day. Taxicab drivers, therefore, are on the road almost 4 times longer than the average person thus it would stand to reason that they would have an increased chance of getting into an accident. 

That said, taxicab accidents are slightly different than non-taxi accidents, and there are additional steps that cab drivers should follow after being involved in an accident. It is important that the drivers report accidents to the cab company shortly after the accident and check that the cab company fills out a report of injury form known as a “Form 45”. (If the driver is injured.) This will enable the cab company to set up a workers’ compensation claim in addition to any other claim that they may have. A workers’ compensation claim can assist in paying the driver while he or she is disabled as well as paying the medical bills. It is also important that all people, not just taxicab drivers, contact an attorney as soon as possible following an accident so that the claim is handled properly from the start and so that they are not taken advantage of by insurance companies.

My office has been representing taxicab drivers involved in accidents for more than 60 years and I am very experienced in dealing with taxicab accidents. There are many other things that taxicab drivers can do to strengthen their case so that their injuries can heal up as quickly as possible and so that they can be fairly compensated for injuries caused by another motorist. I am happy to answer questions and advise taxicab drivers on issues that arise regarding accidents whether or not I decide to take on their case. 


When a Taxicab Driver is in an Accident:

  • If the driver or passenger are injured, call 911
  • Report the accident to your cab company immediately
  • If the driver is injured, make sure to fill out Form 45
  • Call an attorney who specializes in taxicab accidents.  Call the Law Office of Ryan M. Rosenthal at (847) 412-0333


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