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Is My Car Totaled? And What Does That Mean?

Facts about what it means when your car is declared a total loss

Often times when people are involved in a bad car accident, it is possible that your car could be a total loss. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that the cost to fix your car exceeds the current book value of your car.

Speeding And Traffic Tickets- What Should You Do?

What to do when you receive a speeding or traffic citation

Too often I speak with people who have recently received a speeding or traffic citation and when I ask them what they did with it, the most common response is, “I just wrote a check and sent it in.” This is the absolute worst thing that you can do!! When you pay a ticket like that, it goes on your record as a conviction, which gets reported to the Secretary of State, which your auto insurance company sees, which ultimately raises your insurance premium. Further, if you get three convictions on your record within a year, your license is suspended!

UBER & LYFT vs. Taxi Cabs-Which Is Better For The Drivers?

Do drivers do better driving UBER and LYFT than they do driving taxicabs?

UBER & LYFT vs. Taxi Cabs-Which Is Better For The Drivers?
Often I am asked the question, “Do drivers do better with UBER or LYFT than they do just driving a taxi?” Not such an easy question to answer and it seems as if both have their ups and downs.

Convincing A Stubborn Client To Accept A Settlement Offer Rather Than Going To Court

Talking a stubborn client into accepting a settlement offer

Many clients that I have represented have never been in an automobile accident or had a personal injury prior to contacting me. They are relying on my expertise and knowledge to guide them through the process. Usually, they will defer to my opinions about most matters about their case with one exception, whether to settle the claim or file a lawsuit. 

Dealing With Non-Standard Insurance Companies

Non-standard insurance companies

While there are many highly rated, good quality auto insurance companies out there, there are equally as many, if not more, sub or non-standard ones out there as well. These non-standard companies exist for several different reasons. As a consumer, be aware, because as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for!

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