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Dealing with Non-Standard Insurance Companies

Haivng to work with lousy insurance comapnies after a car accident

One of the main factors that goes into determining whether or not you have a “good case”, after getting into a car accident, is the quality of the insurance company that the person who caused the accident has. The exact same accident claim will have two completely different values depending on the insurance company paying the claim.

Marketing For Personal Injury Attorneys, Is It Worth It?

Phone and internet marketing for personal injury attorneys

Over the course of my almost 19 years of practice, I have been contacted numerous times by companies that want to market my law firm on the internet or send me potential clients from a 1-800 call center. Like everyone else out there, sure, I would love to expand my business, but at what cost is the risk worth the reward?

Why To Have Your Clients Get Their Own Medical Records

Saving money for your clients by having them obtain their own medical records

Often times I will ask my clients to get me their medical records either from a hospital, clinic or radiology facility. While I do not like to inconvenience my clients, this practice can often save the client anywhere from twenty five dollars up to several hundreds of dollars in the long run. Medical providers are now charging ridiculous rates to copy and mail out their records. While they are regulated by the state as to how much they can legally charge, these fees are always much higher than anyone would expect to obtain their medical records.

Is My Car Totaled? And What Does That Mean?

Facts about what it means when your car is declared a total loss

Often times when people are involved in a bad car accident, it is possible that your car could be a total loss. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that the cost to fix your car exceeds the current book value of your car.

Speeding And Traffic Tickets- What Should You Do?

What to do when you receive a speeding or traffic citation

Too often I speak with people who have recently received a speeding or traffic citation and when I ask them what they did with it, the most common response is, “I just wrote a check and sent it in.” This is the absolute worst thing that you can do!! When you pay a ticket like that, it goes on your record as a conviction, which gets reported to the Secretary of State, which your auto insurance company sees, which ultimately raises your insurance premium. Further, if you get three convictions on your record within a year, your license is suspended!


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