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Lawyer Accessibility- Can Your Clients Get In Touch With You?

Attorneys should always get back to their clients in a timely manner.

return clients phone callsMany times when I have taken in a new case for a client who has had a prior accident, and had hired a different attorney, the client will tell me that their previous attorney was never in the office and that their calls never got returned. How ridiculous!! To me, this is the absolute easiest way to keep clients happy and wanting to refer you more potential clients in the future. 

Many times, clients just have very quick questions that can be answered in a phone call that lasts less than one minute. I find it hard to believe that attorneys don’t have a minute or two in their day to simply return a phone call. Where many attorneys refuse to give out their cell phone number, I am the exact opposite. I will always give my clients my cell phone number and encourage them to use it to text, email and/or call me any time. I am their attorney, I am working for them, and for many clients going through the experience of an accident claim for the first time, I understand that there are many aspects of the claim that they do not understand. It is my job as their attorney, to answer all of their questions and make them understand the process so that they are comfortable working with me and so that they will refer my name on to their family and friends in the future. 

Call me on Saturday, call me on Sunday. As a personal injury attorney, knowing how many other attorneys are out there doing the same thing that I do, I realize that time is off the essence. I have taken in many new clients on Saturdays and Sundays. If I do not take a call over the weekend, there is a good chance that by the time Monday rolls around, that potential new client will have found another attorney to represent them. Failure to return phone calls and text messages is a huge pet peeve of mine and because of this, I make it a priority to always get back to my clients in a timely matter.

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