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Always Make A Police Report With The Other Driver Present If You Get Into An Accident

Why it is important to make a police report on the scene of an accident with the other driver.

police reportOne of the first questions that I will ask a potential new client involved in a motor vehicle accident is, “Did you make a police report?’ Usually, the answer is yes. However, there have been times where the answer has been no, and this creates a potential problem. If you are involved in car accident, the first thing that you should do is call the police. I have seen too many situations where people get into accidents where the accident is not their fault, and the other person involved tells them, “don’t worry, I will pay for your damage”, at the scene of the accident. Then what usually happens is that the person calls their insurance company and tells them a totally different story of how the accident occurred and then your claim is denied.
When a police officer comes on the scene of an accident, the facts of the accident are the freshest in everyone’s mind. The officer can then speak to everyone involved and any witnesses on the scene so that he or she can make an accurate police report of what exactly happened. The officer can issue citations if warranted, and assuming the accident was not your fault, you now have a tangible document (the police report), that you can present to the other person’s insurance company, so that they can pay your claim. 
Often times, when people are involved in accidents and they call the police, they are asked if the cars are drivable and if so, they are then asked to go to the police station to make the report. This is ok, just as long as the other person involved in the accident goes with you to the police station to make the report. This is not as good as when the police come to the scene, but is better than making a report days or weeks later or not making a report at all. If there are any witnesses on the scene, it is very important that you obtain their name and phone number just in case you need someone to vouch for your version of what happened. 
Unfortunately in today’s society, people are not always honest and trustworthy. People will tell you that they have insurance with a company and then you might later find out that they do not, or that their policy was cancelled. People will tell you that they will pay you directly for your damages and then disappear. People will tell you that they will go with you to the police station to make a report and then not show up to the station. For all of the reasons that I have explained above, if you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident, do your best to make sure that the police come on the scene to make a report.

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