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Are There More Car Accidents In The Winter Due To The Weather?

Are there more car accidents in the winter months due to weather

bad weather more accidentsMost people probably assume that with snow, sub-zero temperatures and ice on the roads that there would be an influx of automobile accidents in the winter months. Well, I can tell you that after 17 years of practice I cannot confirm or deny this. Sure, I have had months in the winter that are busy, but I cannot say that every year this holds true. My own personal theory on why more accidents might happen in the warmer months is that when it is warmer and the weather is nicer, there are more cars on the road. Also, the cars on the road are probably moving at greater speeds in better conditions. In the winter, more people choose public transportation and when they do get behind the wheel of their car, maybe they are driving more cautiously because they are more aware of the potential dangerous driving conditions. 
Other factors that contribute to the causation of car accidents are texting while driving, consumption of alcohol, not paying attention and many other distractions. These factors are there 12 months out of the year all day, every day. So, to say that in climate weather will always lead to an increase in car accidents might be a stretch. 
Regardless, it is always important to be safe while on the road and always be aware of everything going on around you when you are behind the wheel. And of course, if you are involved in a car accident, please do not hesitate to call me!! 


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