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Are There More Car Accidents In The Winter Due To The Weather?

Are there more car accidents in the winter months due to weather

bad weather more accidents?Most people probably assume that with snow, sub-zero temperatures and ice on the roads that there would be an influx of automobile accidents in the winter months. Well, I can tell you that after 17 years of practice I cannot confirm or deny this. Sure, I have had months in the winter that are busy, but I cannot say that every year this holds true.

Case Loans on Personal Injury Cases

Borrowing money against a potential personal injury claim settlement

It is the holiday season and as a personal injury attorney, I often get calls from clients inquiring about getting an advance on the money that they are going to get out of their pending personal injury claim if and when the claim settles. These calls are more frequent during the holiday season as people are often looking for ways to get some money so that they can buy their friends and family members gifts. My general rule of thumb on this issue is to avoid these case loans!!

Gaps In Medical Treatment, Potential Personal Injury Case Killers

The importance of seeking medical treatment immediately or shortly after an accident of incident for personal injury cases

If you are involved in an automobile accident or any other incident where you could have a potential claim against another person or entity, and you are hoping to recover money for injuries sustained from said accident or incident, it is very important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Your Check Is Not In Yet!!

When clients become impatient waiting for their money

I often receive calls from clients after their case has been settled and after they have signed a release wanting to know when they will get their check. These calls come from any time from one day after they signed the release up until the time that the check arrives from the insurance company. Clients should understand that attorneys want to get these checks as fast as they can because we don’t get paid until the check comes in either! 

MRI’s On Personal Injury Cases, The Double Edged Sword

When ordering a MRI on a personal injury case increases the value of the case.

The general rule for personal injury cases is, the higher the medical expenses, the higher the settlement amount of the claim. This, however, is not always the case. One of the most common diagnostic tests performed on someone following a personal injury is a MRI (which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging).


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